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If you're under 18 you probably need to leave this story site now. If that's not the law where you live or if you're over 18 then have fun looking around this 100% free story site. There are tons of hot sex stories, explicit photos, porn links and more. Take a look at what we've collected here and pick from some of the Net's best erotica and porn sites. All the sex stories are categorized for your reading pleasure. We have well over 5,000 sex stories and more being added on a daily basis. Since there's a lot of stuff here (and more will be added all the time), you may want to bookmark this page so you can easily return. This site is devoted to publishing any and all kinds of sex stories contributed by our readers. Everything here has been sent to us because someone wanted to share their story with others. Maybe for a greater sense of community, maybe to get some feedback, or maybe because it's the only place they can tell the world what they did. Each writer has their own reason, but no matter the reason, we're always glad to get new sex stories sent to us so we can add them here for you.
If you have a story, or several stories, that you'd like to share with others, we invite you to send them to us. You can click this link to go to our online Story Submission Form. Or use this link to our Writer Guidelines to find out how to submit stories to us via email. You'll be given full credit for your erotic sex story and your name and email address will be posted under the title - unless you prefer to remain anonymous (just let us know). The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup alt.sex.stories (basically much more explicit versions of the "Letters to Penthouse" type). Feel free to send your stories to us at any time and we'll let you know when we receive them. We'll also post photos or other illustrations to go along with your stories if you send them to us in GIF or JPEG format.

This is for those of you that like to get a little kinky in the sack. Bondage, big toys, swings, domination, BDSM, hard spankings, its all here! Find a pic below that turns your crank and click it for a hot video tour showing you all the nitty gritty. Each site is packed with kinky porn. Highly recommended!
Sex & Submission
Sex & Submission

Submissive sluts dominated by their masters, read the .


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Naughty sluts pleasing their masters in any way. Bound and gagged, fucked, and every hole filled with semen, find more at Fucked & Bound!


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Usenet newsgroups can be a pain to wade through with all the spam posted to most of them. But if you don't mind picking through it to get to the good stuff there's always some real gems there. There are newsgroups for nothing but stories and others for photos but often these wind up on both kinds of groups. These links will open in whatever newsreader program you've set your computer to use for your newsgroup posting and reading. With most newsreader software you can then add the links you want to save to your personal newsgroups list. Or just bookmark this page and use it as your guide to newsgroups for now.


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All of the sex stories posted to the alt.sex.stories.moderated newsgroup have to be approved prior to being posted, making this a strict no-spam group. The second newsgroup listed below is used to discuss the erotic stories posted to the alt.sex.stories.moderated newsgroup. The third link is not a newsgroup but will take you to the alt.sex.stories.text.repository webpage where you can search for erotic stories posted to the alt.sex.stories.moderated group.



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- more great fisting sex samples for you here!


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